PevoniaĊ½ Men’s SkinFit Treatment

This luxurious SkinFit treatment was designed with men’s special facial needs in mind. The treatment drenches your skin with nourishing 100% pure black caviar extract, Shea Butter & vitamins penetrated deeply with a Caviar SkinFit mask. Your skin visibly reflects improvement on wrinkles and skin firmness due to the mask’s repairing and rejuvenating benefits.

Price (80 Mins): $160

Enzyme Peel Treatment

This unique enzyme peel gently dissolves dead skin cells, minimizes the appearance of pores and brightens up the complexion.

Price: $30

Deep Tissue Massage

This sophisticated massage along with elbows and forearms to achieve a truly effective deep tissue massage. Ideal for guests experienced in massage, this treatment is not for the faint hearted or the novice.

  • Price (60 Mins): $100
  • Price (90 Mins): $150
  • Price (120 Mins): $190

Sport & Fitness Massage

A full body massage designed to ease tension, relieve stress & promote a feeling of well being post exercises or muscle buildings.

  • Price (60 Mins): $95
  • Price (90 Mins): $125
  • Price (120 Mins): $165

Ashiatsu Massage

A combination of eastern and western massage techniques. Applying utmost pressure by using a unique foot technique. For clients who are searching for a real deep massage, look no further. Getting walk on has ever been feeling this good!

  • Price (60 Mins): $120
  • Price (90 Mins): $180
  • Price (120 Mins): $220

Rapid Four Hand Massage

Two therapists manipulate the muscles of the body simultaneously, one concentrating on the areas of intense pain while the other massages the rest of the body. The Four Hand Massage ensures the entire body gets the attention it deserves, plus special concentration where it’s needed as quickly as possible. By utilizing two therapists and four hands, the work that needs to be done can be completed in approximately two-third of the time, which means a 60 minute four hands massage is as effective as a regular 90 minute massage and a 90 minute four hands massage is as effective as a regular 120 minute massage.

In addition to the time-saving factor, it’s also an extremely pampering massage, and the feeling of having two people kneading your super sore body at one time is like none other. The treatment is effective for both men and women and the philosophy of dividing the body in half will make you feel like you’re floating on air.

  • Price (60 Mins): $160
  • Price (90 Mins): $220


Want to show off that baby-like heels with your Manolo Blahnik sandals ? Smooth Heel Pedicure Treatment is created from the bottom of our heart for you. Our famous Smooth Heel Pedicure Treatment starts with applying the Callus Eliminator, which breaks down unsightly calluses and it is the fast, safe and effective solution for even the toughest of calluses. There is no cutting require; Dermatologist and podiatrist tested. This pampering treatment also comes with the refreshing cucumber moisturizer and melt away message. At last but not the least, your nails will be topped with your favor polish to give end this treatment with the perfect score.

Price: $39

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