Feel stress evaporate as you experience the essence of mind-body-spirit rituals, rooted in Asian custom, combined with sophisticated and varied water-based. Relax in an environment that delights all of your senses. Be inspired by our team of wellness experts who can guide you towards a more enriching lifestyle.

Our Philosophy

Life giving rituals have been practiced in every culture since the beginning of time.

Ancient people have lived in balance with the rhythms of nature and have understood that each person is a unique combination of elements with individual needs at different times.

The Bunya City Spa merges techniques and philosophies from around the world into a potent blend of treatments for our time.

To achieve the standards of excellence essential in delivering these specialized treatments requires a team grounded as individuals, qualified as professionals and caring as guardians of their guests of therapists.

Sense of Place

In the belief that our surroundings contribute to our state of mind, emphasis was placed on the design of the spa space to cultivate a sense of tranquility. Rooted in the principles of Zen, pure a fluid spaces yield a source of serenity for guests in a marked departure from the real world. Our spa inspired by Oriental origins and influenced by their individual surroundings.


Drawing on exotic therapies, and philosophies from around the world, a series of specially designed encompassing Chinese, Ayuredic, European, Balinese, Oriental and Native American beliefs and practices, are offered. Sip refreshing tea whilst surrendering to a welcome foot ritual whilst the therapist creates a tailor-made experience.

The perfect environment

We strongly believe that surroundings contribute to our state of mind, so we have ensured that the Spa space – 2000 square feet –cultivates a sense of tranquility. Rooted in the principles of Zen, pure and fluid spaces devoid of formal excess but free from austerity, yield a source of peace for guests in a departure from the outside world.

Your senses are stimulated through different textures from crackled lacquer to velvet cushions, gentle music encompasses you, therapeutic lighting surrounds you and herbal tea infusions are specially blended for you. Your mind floats. Your body lets go. Peace reigns.

Our Approach

All rituals offered begin with a soothing foot ritual according to the healing art of reflexology, which asserts that the energies of all body parts come together in the feet. By nurturing the feet, the whole body is awakened.

Your personal journey is designed to engage each of the five senses:

  1. Sound: Cleanse and clear your own personal space with the sound of Tibetan cymbals.
  2. Scent : Take in pure aromatic essential oils blended to create a tranquil atmosphere.
  3. Sight: Experience mood enhancing color which bathes the spa in healing light.
  4. Taste: Savor herb-infused teas that balance and calm from within.
  5. Touch: Indulge in the natural textures a treatment sensation throughout the journey
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