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April 2007

Best Threesome - Banyan Citi Spa

Threesomes can be tricky to organize. First, you need to find willing participants who share similar ideas about what's pleasurable. Secondly, the acts need to be performed smoothly so that no one feels left out and you get exactly what you crave—which is usually a lot of attention! Third, you hope that afterward everyone is completely satisfied. Unfortunately, someone always regrets it, and complications inevitably arise. This is thankfully not the case at Banyan Citi Spa, a Zen-like haven in Soho where they know how to triple your fun. Their Rapid-Relief Four-Hand Massage ($200) is the perfect threesome: Two massage therapists rub every inch of your body while you just lie there feeling the stress fade away. The most you're required to do is to say whether you like it hard or soft. The uninitiated may find so many fingers daunting, but trust us, you'll soon be wondering what six hands can do. (Grace Bastidas)

Manhattan 474 West Broadway Phone: 212-388-1288

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