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Welcome to our little heaven of spa therapies, nerve-soothing massages, body wraps, facials, hand, foot & body care treatments from which you never leave disappointed rather jolly and relaxed. If you want the ultimate relaxation of your mind and body, you’ve come to the right place. Call us to make an appointment.

Who We Are

We are a team of wellness experts who have turned a 2000 square feet space on the 474 W Broadway, New York, NY 10012 to an aesthetically tranquil place for spa treatments. We decorated the place keeping in mind the fact that our surroundings affect our state of mind. When you visit this place, you’ll get that immediately.

Since 2007, we’ve been providing spa equipment, treatments and also more health-improving services like reflexology massages. Besides these, we have facials, waxing, body treatments, microdermabrasion facials, foot, and hand care, etc. for both men and women. We combine spiritual beliefs, philosophies, and practices from around the world in our specialized treatments.

This modern age is full of chaos and monotony. To help you get relieved from the tiresome days and have your peace of mind in its optimum state, we’ve come up with the ancient techniques and beliefs which are fruitful in producing quick results. As a consequence, you return home all happy and lively. The environment in Bunya Citispa will make you forget the outside world. The therapeutic lighting and soft music will soothe your nerves. The herbal tea infuses your stress and anxiety away. The tranquility encompasses you and your body. The minerals and essential oils used in the therapies heal and rejuvenate your body.

Our qualified masseuses and therapists listen to your problems and needs with no haste. Then they decide the therapy you need and let you get prepared for it. You get to have herbal drinks and tea while you’re getting ready for the treatments.

We had the honor to be featured in several magazines and spa directories including Medizine’s Healthy Living. Our qualified therapists along with our owner Jirru work relentlessly to keep up the quality of service and maintain the comforting environment.


What Makes Us the Best

Techniques from all over the world

Treatments techniques of Bunya Citispa

We believe that every individual has different needs. That’s why our exotic therapies combine Ayurvedic, Japanese, Swedish, European, Chinese, Balinese, Oriental and Native American beliefs and practices for the optimum relaxation of your body and mind. We offer treatments that use the worldwide philosophies. We use the art of reflexology at the beginning of all the procedures, which is practiced around the whole world.

The perfect environment

Environment of Bunya Citispa

We maintain a serene environment inside our spa. The sounds of the gentle music, the atmosphere inside, the scent of the essential oils, the taste of the herb-infused teas, and the combination of natural treatments altogether give you a long-lasting result. Your brain calms, and your body loosens up. You’ll never see any of our masseuses or therapists using their phone during the session. Our customers are also bound to turn their phone on silent and not use them when they’re in the spa. We keep the surroundings clean and natural- the way your mind can wind down.

Variety of treatments

Treaments of Bunya Citispa

As you’ve known already, we offer much more than massages and therapies. There are microdermabrasion facials, peel facials and treatments, body polishes, body wraps, hot stone massages, Shiatsu and Ashiatsu massages, eyelash perm, reflexology massages, and many more. Our growing menu of specialized treatments contains the details of each of them so that you can understand which one is appropriate for you. Moreover, our experts are always there for you to talk about it.

Maintaining the quality

Quality of Bunya Citispa

We neither compromise nor let our customers compromise in any way. We try to hold the quality of the service we provide. We are open to any suggestions by the customers. We prioritize a customer’s satisfaction the most. Regular or new, any customer who comes here gets the best service.

Our Aim

We cherish a dream to improve peoples’ lives by reducing the levels of stress. We want to alleviate the monotony, the anxieties that grasp our longing to enjoy life. Our techniques of easing the tension, relieving stress, and relaxing the muscles are designed from ancient beliefs and practices which teaches us to utilize healing the power of nature.

We don’t let our customers go unsatisfied. Our motto is to ensure that every individual gets the attention they deserve. We have designed the menu of services with ample options so that no individual misses out on the thing they need. Our experts don’t take a break immediately after finishing their sessions with you. They give you advice and suggestions which help you improve your lifestyle.

Don’t Believe Us (Let the Customers speak)

Tiffany Moore

I live in Manhattan, and Bunya Citispa is one of the many spas I’ve tried here. I’ve been going to this spa far before its name changed from “banyan” to “bunya.” I love their massages. They have a huge menu for spa treatments also. I love the Thai massage most. The masseuses understand the pressure points very well, and the deep massages help me quite a lot in getting rid of my back pain. I visit them from time to time and never got any problem getting an appointment.

-Tiffany Moore
65 Bayard St, New York, NY 10013

Alex Geller

I’ve known this place since I moved to Midtown, NY. I went there only once, and I had a good experience. As soon as I entered the spa, the interior stunned me. It was neat and clean and soothing to the eyes. Talking to the receptionist, I went for a four-hand massage which I thought would be the best for me. It turned out that the decision was right. I especially liked the reflexology massage that they gave while starting the treatment.

-Alex Geller
5216 8th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11220

Glenda J.

I went to the Bunya Citispa once when I was touring in Brooklyn, New York. I suddenly had pimple breakouts and needed an immediate remedy. My friend Tina Williams, Editor at HDRG Blog, suggested me to go to Bunya. I got an acne treatment facial there. The facialist gently did my facial while not hurting my acne. That session was for 60 minutes although my facial got completed within 50 minutes. After that treatment, I noticed improvement of my acne conditions. Overall, I had a good experience there.

Grasie Mercedes
199 Grand St, New York, NY 10013

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